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Mission Statement

“Quality Service on Time”

We believe that we are here to provide our customers with top-quality and on-time paving and excavating services at a reasonable cost. We believe that our employees should be highly trained to the best of their ability and be compensated well to match that ability.

We believe that we should expect to make a reasonable profit from our efforts and use these profits to expand and improve our capabilities. We believe that we should provide the best services and products possible and that we should continually improve the quality and value of these services and products. This is accomplished by providing higher quality work, level of services and products second to none.

We believe, and we expect our employees to believe, as part of the opportunity of doing business and making profits in the communities we work, we have a social responsibility to contribute and volunteer our time and money to programs that are beneficial to these communities.

Vision Statement

“Our Vision” at M.R. Paving & Excavating, Inc.

  • A company that understands the employees are the most important assets.
  • A company that has highly motivated, committed & professional employees that are well trained and respected.
  • A profitable company that is successful in high customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • A respected company where values, quality and mission guide the everyday activities.

M.R. Values







Celebrating 30 years of serving the community!

M.R. Paving & Excavating is excited to be celebrating 30 years of serving New Ulm and the surrounding areas.  In those 30 years we have grown, but have never lost our commitment to our motto “Quality Service on Time”.  We are grateful to our customers who have made our success possible.  We have been able to provide our loyal employees great jobs and benefits, provide services to improve people’s lives, and contributed money and services to many important causes in our service area.  We look forward to many more years of serving our customer!